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Americans Facing Funds Shortage for Food Safety

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Published on : Apr 09, 2015

In 2011, a farsighted food safety law was enacted has been facing many obstacles to meaningful enforcement since its endorsement, which includes delays in issuing essential rules and deficit in funds. Presently, which may become the most recent shameful chapter that Congress does not seems to be interested in allocating enough funds to effectively follow the regulations that have been issued. Owing to which, the losers will continue to be the consumers, who have to live with the hazards of unhealthy food supply.

The administration under the leadership of Obama almost took two years to propose regulations to carry out this law, mostly due to the complexity of the overall food system. The food supply system basically requires a methodical approach and perhaps it bear a fear of being tagged as job-killing regulators through the economic downfall. Consumer groups have successfully sued to speed up the timetable for final regulations and the Food and Drug Administration department has further agreed to publish the most important regulations later in this year.

There is no doubt for the requirement for food-safety reforms and regulations. A large number of people have been fallen sick in the previous years by consuming tainted peanut butter, melons, eggs, and spinach. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made estimation that every year roughly 48 million American people are falling sick, in which 128,000 are hospitalized and about 3,000 die of food-borne diseases.

The Food Safety Modernization Act has been designed to prevent all the deadly outbreaks and only to react to them. It has put the weight on food producers to make sure that all their products are very safe and to make plans which will prevent contamination of the food. 

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