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American Professor Called to Reform the Educational Teaching Pattern in China

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Published on : May 08, 2015

The professor of Lynch School of Education, Michael Barnett is soon expected to embark on a history of making a trip to the Mainland China. In this trip he will be introducing a new instructional technique to the nation’s high school teachers. This will be the first mark in the history of China, which is looking forward to change its notoriously stringent test-taking mindset, has ever invited an American university to work with China’s K-12 educational structures.

Michael Barnett further added that the aim behind this is to get the Chinese teachers to enhance their teaching pattern more like the creative way of American teachers. Barnett is going to lead this program which caught the eye of the education leaders of China. He also stated that it’s about keeping the students engage in problem-solving in a creative way, allow them to perform science experiments, allowing the kids to use their imaginative thinking, and to solve a problem, which doesn’t necessarily have a perfect solution. It all means that so you are not only regurgitating ‘2+2=4’ thing.

The U.S. Office of Secondary School Curriculum Coaching Magazine in China, which is the official education institute that has been given the task for coming up innovative programs to start in the mainland. The director of this department, Kelvin Cui stated that he really believe in this program, which has the potential to help change our country. He further informed that he has already done a research about this course long time back and there wasn’t another college or university in the U.S., which offered this type of program. The American schools have more experience and are also way advanced, so it is beneficial that we learn from them. He further gave an assurance that Michael Barnett’s program will be highly beneficial.