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Amazon Ventures into Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps

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Published on : Dec 01, 2017

Amazon has recently launched a new web-based service called Sumerian that will enable the users to create Virtual-Reality (VR) and Augmented-Reality (AR) experiences. Sumerian has been launched in response to the growing need for VR and AR experiences amongst customers who did not have any adroitness with 3-D graphics. Amazon believes that the ease of creating virtual experiences through Sumerian would accentuate businesses by reducing their manual work.

Way Forward for Businesses

A number of companies yearning to employ VR and AR mechanisms for purposes such as training, induction, and demonstration would immensely benefit from the service. To exemplify, an architectural firm could create virtual 3-D designs for the customers to get a holistic view of the plan. The technology enables users to move around virtual objects, combine them with digital characters, and create a customized experience for themselves.

Global Business Landscape

With the introduction of Sumerian, Amazon has joined the league of companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook that have already devised similar tools. Amazon is getting its foothold in VR and AR domains because there are heavy speculations regarding its market. Moreover, if Sumerian can penetrate businesses, it could invite a range of internal and consumer-geared apps. The service could also prove to be substantially lucrative for Amazon because it is currently charging a fee to host VR and AR experiences instead of charging for the use of Sumerian.

Although the market for VR and AR is steady in the contemporary scenario, the potential employability of this technology is momentous across all the industries. If Sumerian does well in gluing the customers, Amazon could get its next big chunk of reckon.