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Amazon Launches a Redesigned Appstore app Featuring Better Visuals

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Published on : Oct 25, 2017

After several prominent apps stores with the likes of Google Play, Apple App Store, and the iOS App Store underwent overhaul in recent months, the e-commerce giant Amazon seems to follow suit. The company after having made a makeover of its famed Kindle app, recently announced to revamp its Appstore app for Android devices, Fire TV, and Fire tablets, with an increased focus on Amazon Coins. Among the list of exciting feature changes made to its app, notable of them include visual redesigning and bigger images, thus making the interface more streamlined, neat, and interactive.

 ‘Coins’ Key Focus for Revamped Appstore Offering Developers Brighter Prospects

Since the Amazon Coins platform was unveiled in 2013, these have earned a prominent place in its app, with the company exhorting customers to use these virtual coins to pay for apps or any in-app purchases. The ‘Coins’ being shown as a central tab can be purchased in a variety of packages as customers decide. The bigger is the coin bundle bought, the less is the money spent in buying them, with the savings may hover around 22%. However, the good thing contends the company is that the app developers still get their 70% royalty. Furthermore, technology experts opine that the Coins can prove to be a potential underpinning for customers to stay engaged to the Appstore, while opening better opportunities for developers.  

The interface will also include a new “My Apps” tab for managing their downloaded apps. According to an announcement made by the company, the apps that are being distributed in other Android devices generally do not need updates, as these apps can be easily downloaded in the revamped Appstore.

Amazon plans to launch the redesigned Appstore with new features in as many as 236 countries and territories.