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Amazon India Formulating Ways to Up Market Share

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Published on : Sep 29, 2017

Amazon, the online retail giant is devising ways to goose up its market share in India. The company that invested over Rs. 13,800 crores in India is now looking upon machine learning and artificial intelligence to accomplish goals of market expansion.

As stated by the director for machine learning, Amazon is employing both the transformative technologies to improve customer experience. The company is not only involved in guiding sellers on categorization but also tracks products that register high sales during holidays and festivities. This information is leveraged to suggest best deals and products that can woo customers.

The Seattle-based company is planning to soon launch event-based deals for its Indian platform, which are currently available on the US platform. These deals will be offered on special occasions such as Rakshabandhan or Diwali.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Make Way for Enhanced Customer Experience

Advertising is another area where machine learning is being used to enhance customer experience, according to the associate. It is used to show relevant advertisements and promotions based on search queries. Moreover, the past analysis during sales or festivals is used to help sellers devise the right promotions, deals, and discounts to be offered during festivities for maximum sales.

Further, technology is being used to improve the catalog, which represents the overall data quality. For example, it helps in the instance if product images are of poor quality or attributes such as color or material are missing. In this scenario, the platform analyses the product and fills the content that improves product search listing.

Apart from this, the online retail giant is also striving to incorporate a queries section in its mobile app.