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Amazon Ends its Unlimited Cloud Storage for Amazon Drive

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Published on : Jun 09, 2017

Amazon drive has changed their policies regarding the cloud storage. Now you could get unlimited storage options for any of your data, which is surely an unbeatable deal. Amazon was the only company offering unlimited free cloud storage for $60-a-year. However, this will not be a case anymore as now onwards they have changed their storage plans. Unfortunately, with this change your wish of saving Wikipedia on the sky is going to be more expensive.

Amazon Drive Offering Competitive Option of Two Tiers of Storage

Amazon will provide two tiers of options for storage for Amazon Drive: 100GB for $12 and 1TB for $60 per annum. In case any of the user wants to save extra TB of storage on top of this storage, it will cost additional $60. This storage option looks affordable and competitive, but existing subscribers may feel confused. However, Amazon is not forcing existing subscribers who had already moved their data on cloud. Instead, subscribers who already paid for existing plan will get the unlimited storage and they can switch to new plan after the end of the subscription.

While this may be unexpected news for subscribers, but it’s not that shocking that Amazon ended its unlimited cloud storage plan. Most companies offering cloud services started out with offer of unlimited cloud storage. However, such kind of policies doesn’t contribute to any kind of long term growth. This upgraded plan will put Amazon in tough competition against Microsoft and Apple. In the coming days, we will get to know how people react to this change and whether this will boost Amazon’s growth or will degrade its position.