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Amazon Announces to Launch Food Delivery Service in Seattle

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Published on : Sep 08, 2015

The giant online retail platform, Amazon, has announced that it is in the process to start a restaurant delivery system through its one-hour delivery app with Prime Now. The announcement affirms the prior reports, which indicated that Amazon was employing a new eateries division to compete with peers such as Grubhub that serves Seattle as well as New York. 

Be that as it may, Amazon is starting this service in selected districts of Seattle, However, it plans to extend it to neighborhoods, and later, to new areas where Prime Now functions. 

The service will permit the prime customers of Amazon.com to check out the menus from the participating eateries and place orders through Prime Now. The application will also enable customers to track the delivery in real time, similar to the order-tracking facility available in Prime Now at present.

Amazon claims that its customers would be able to find their food delivered within an hour of ordering or even in lesser less with no extra charges on home delivery. This is the only difference between Amazon’s service and how Prime Now currently functions. As of now, the app charges a US$7.99 fee for the one-hour deliveries, however, the two-hour deliveries are free.

The firm states that this service will permit its restaurant partners to tap into the best customers of Amazon, that is, those customers who pay US$99 at an annual basis for Amazon Prime and those who maintain a payment information in their Amazon’s Wallet.