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Altering Ill-Effects of Growing Emission of Carbon Dioxide

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Published on : Sep 17, 2019

Increasing emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases harmed the environment immensely in the last two to three decades. A significant contributor in the increasing greenhouse gas emission is rising industrialization that started in years back with Industrial Revolution. Different studies reveals that the rate of emission of carbon dioxide has increased exponentially. One of the studies reveal that global emissions spiked from 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide in 1900 to over 36 billion tonnes 115 years later.  Exponential growth of carbon dioxide emission forced people to take concrete steps to reduce greenhouse emission. Besides, reducing greenhouse emission, various steps are also taken in direction to use it in alternative manner.

Innovative Ways of Using CO2 in Making Fuels and Chemicals

Talking about the alternative use Thomas Jaramillo comes up with an idea to reuse this gas into usable things. He suggests capturing the potential greenhouse gas from the smokestacks of power plants and factories along with renewable energy to turn it into necessity products. Being a director of SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis this idea seems quite implementable. SUNCAT is a joint institute of the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University.

Currently, SUNCAT research is focusing on finding ways to convert carbon dioxide into fuels, chemicals, and other products. Transforming methanol to plastics, synthetic natural gas, and detergents is the main objective. Alternative way to use carbon dioxide is to use it as a feedstock to make fuels, specialty chemicals, and plastics. This will also help in shifting the financial paradigm, thus, creating a win-win situation.