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Almost Quarter of Africas Energy Could be Fueled by Renewables by 2030

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Published on : Oct 07, 2015

Nearly a quarter of the African energy demand could be satisfied by renewable energy sources within the next 15 years. The finding was published on October 5, 2015, by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

According to the report, most of the modern renewable energy options could contribute by more than a quadruple of the overall African energy generation scene. The report provides a roadmap for the deployment of renewable energy sources on to the African continent. The findings are given in direct comparison to the 5.0% of energy that was produced through renewable means in Africa in 2013. It is possible for the continent to raise this share to 22.0% of the mix.

According to the report, four renewable energy technologies from the modern roster could play a critical part in the African energy mix. They are modern biomass (for cooking purposes), solar power, wind, and hydropower.

Both wind and solar electricity generation projects in Africa are currently showing prices at a record low.

Half the total energy use in Africa currently originates from conventional biomass. Nearly 50.0% of the predicted upscale in renewable energy capacity could be generated from heat applications in modern biomass energy. This underlines the major potential for the distribution of efficient biomass stoves that improve energy efficiency while cutting down on indoor pollution.

Rolling out the speculated systems could cut the use of conventional stoves by over 60.0% and help save US$20-30 bn before 2030 ends. This sum will be saved through cutting back on non-renewable energy source as well as a reduction on health issues caused by sub-standard air quality