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Alibaba Exhibits Technology That Uses Facial Recognition as Digital Signature

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Published on : Mar 17, 2015

The Chinese internet tycoon and the founder of giant online E-Commerce site Alibaba, Mr. Jack Ma, gave a foretaste of the future at the CeBIT IT fair in Germany when he demonstrated an innovative e-payment system that utilizes facial recognition.

Arranging the stage in the manner of a Silicon Valley pioneer on Sunday, Ma presented the technology that utilizes the facial recognition from a selfie taken by a smart phone camera as a digital signature, stating that he just utilized it to send a gift to the mayor of the host city of the event that is Hanover. Mr. Ma, an ex-teacher, is famous for thinking big, and at the CeBIT of this week, he was the chief speaker, and was addressing an audience, which included the German Chancellor Ms. Angela Merkel.

Unlike various other firms from the official partnering country of the event, China, Alibaba, glowed with cash from a huge stock listing and is looking beyond the boundaries of its massive domestic market of 1.2 billion people, towards the world. Mr. Ma inspired that, as the industrial revolt freed workers from hard labor, the digital uprising will liberate the power of the human brain.

It is not the technology, which can change the world, but the ideas behind the technology, which change the world, the founder of Alibaba told the audience, also adding that his thought was to assist small enterprises to sell on a global platform. Ma has not kept his global ambitions hidden and has quoted global companies such as IBM, Wal-Mart, and Microsoft as his models.