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Alcoa Plans to Expand its Automotive Services: Dedicated to Supply Aluminum Sheets for Auto Industry in Tennessee

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Published on : Sep 25, 2015

Recently, Alcoa completed its expansion at the state of Tennessee in the United States, with an aim to spread its automotive services and supplies. Alcoa plans to supply aluminum sheets to the automotive industry in the regions of Tennessee, U.S. Alcoa, along with Gov. Bill Haslam, celebrated the ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, along with some other officials. By providing aluminum sheets to the leading and emerging players in the automotive industry in Tennessee, Alcoa plans to expand their automotive sector in coming few years. 

Alcoa had planned for a US$300 mn project, the shipment of which began earlier this month. Shipment was planned for some of the leading players in the automotive industry such as General Motors, Ford, Fiat, and others. Expansion of automotive supplies in Tennessee is Alcoa’s second biggest automotive development in the North American region. This expansion is possible only because of continues motivation and support from the long term customers of Alcoa, said the representatives of the company. With the expansion of automotive supplies in the regions of Tennessee, the company aims to attract more customers. 

As per the information from Alcoa press release, the Tennessee facility is well-equipped with mill rolling technology. The mill rolling technology allows to switch production on the basis of changing trends in the market and changing demand. The Alcoa’s automotive services in the region of Tennessee also features a big recycling facility that is meant for automotive scrap. The scrap recycling facility will enable to eliminate wastes for the auto manufacturers, lower offset expenses, reduce operational costs, and also reduce carbon footprints of Alcoa. Gov. Haslam stated that Blount County thanks Alcoa for initiating the project that created 200 new job opportunities across the region. Alcoa’s services in Tennessee will help strengthen Tennessee’s automotive industry and make it more competitive in the global market.