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Al Qaeda Claims it Shot Syrian Cargo Plane, Army Says Bad Weather Responsible for Crash

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Published on : Jan 19, 2015

Nusra Front, the Syrian body of terrorist group al Qaeda, has claimed the responsibility for shooting down an army cargo plane. While there’s nothing new or surprising about such claims from terrorist groups like al Qaeda, what’s surprising that the army claims otherwise. The Syrian army claims that the cargo plane, carrying food and ammunition, crashed due to bad weather.

While what claim stands correct has not been verified yet, this would sure stand for an amusing argument of claims been solicited for a deadly accident. 

Syria’s state television has quoted the military as saying on Saturday that the loss of the plane and its crew is due to bad weather and heavy fog. It stated that the lost control while attempting a landing on Syria’s northwest Idlib province’s Abu al-Duhur military airport. All the crew on the plane was also killed in the crash. 

In stark contrast to what the military announced, Nusra Front took the Twitter to say that the plane was downed overnight above Idlib’s Abu al-Duhur military airport. 

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British agency that is monitoring the civil war in Syria, confirmed about the crash and the fatalities incurred in it. It said that the crash, which took place as the plane hit an electricity pylon, resulted in the death of 35 people on board.

Till now, the Syrian civil war has resulted in shooting down of several air force jet planes and helicopters. The war erupted after the Syrian government cracked down in 2011 amid pro-democracy protests.

An allied force of world powers has come forward to help Syria in its fight against the rebellion militant group, which has claimed parts of the country. This alliance has led to several air attacks in the militant-occupied regions of the country to strike out the Islamic State group, a subsidiary of the al Qaeda which is fighting the Syrian army to claim more regions of the country.

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