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AKHAN Starts New Manufacturing Unit at Gurnee

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Published on : Jun 18, 2015

A new manufacturing unit at Gurnee has been opened by AKHAN Semiconductors Inc. AKHAN Semiconductors Inc. was established in 2013 and is an Illinois company. The company goal is based on developing and manufacturing Nanocrystalline (NCD) based devices and materials. AKHAN SEMI’s credentials include the Miraj DiamondTM  that was developed at the Argonne’s National Laboratory Center for Nanoscale Materials using groundbreaking low temperature diamond deposition technology that is globally the most advanced semiconductor platform.         

According to the press release the company will through this latest addition, be able to expand its state-of-the-art diamond semiconductor production.

The company plans to increase and generate community partnerships with the Argonne National Laboratory and College of Lake County. According to Congressman Randy Hultgren AKHAN SEMI embodies progress of the district both economically and scientifically, and the company is a valuable resource to the community. 

Hultgren further expressed that AKHAN is an important example of significant discoveries that are being made in Argonne and other labs in the nation and being brought into the market. AKHAN SEMI is now involved in the partnership to train students pursuing technology careers in College of Lake County.

The semiconductors company is globally recognized and has brought a highly skilled industry professionals to the district and these veterans will provide innovative work with manufacturing and diamond-based electronics of global standards. There will be new commercial projects developed in the district and globally, based on best standards and industry practices. The transition has started and the company started operations at the start of this month.

This month the company AKHAN SEMI is to initiate the commercializing of their research with Argonne National Laboratory. The partnership has also progressed to an occupational training program through which persons can begin working in the STEM field.