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Air Care Market Rides High on Increasing Consumerism in Emerging Nations

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Published on : Apr 27, 2016

The global air care market is expected to display a meager growth rate in the next few years. India, Singapore, and Brazil have been identified to display expeditious growth in the air care market in the coming years, with these countries to display a surging demand for air care products as well.

The growth of the air care market in India is largely attributed to new product categories that are being launched and the increasing demand for air care products from urban consumers. In additions, the rising middle class population in the country that are increasingly aspiring for pleasant surroundings, surging disposable incomes, and large number of promotional campaigns for these products is contributing towards growth of the regional market. Owing to its popularity and strong presence among consumers Odonil, Dabur India Ltd. have emerged as leading companies for air care in India.

In Brazil, trends for indulgence in smaller households has been greatly driving the air care market. Presently, an increasing number of Brazilians are favoring home entertainment in place of going out, which has resulted in increased demand for air care fragrances. Top-notch international companies such as Ceras Johnson and Reckitt Benckiser have been leading a relatively concentrated air care markets in Brazil. On the contrary, high prices of air care products and low disposable incomes is detrimental to the market’s growth.

The Singapore air care market has been displaying a dwindling growth. On one hand, consumes are increasingly opting for air conditioning systems to deal with foul smells at home, which has impacting sales of air care products negatively. On the other hand, the increasing number of private labels, surging sales of home care products, strengthening retail distribution channel by means of supermarkets, convenience stores, and increasing promotional campaigns by means of online retailing, and the launch of multipurpose products will bolster the air care market in Singapore.