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AI to Play a Crucial Role to Identify Bullying on Instagram

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Published on : Oct 10, 2018

The use of social media is now inseparable from almost everyone’s life. Recently, Instagram has started using artificial intelligence that will help in spotting bullying in photos online. This came after various tech companies used artificial intelligence to moderate their platform. In a press release, the new head of Instagram Adam Mosseri said that, although most of the picture shared on the platform are positive and bring joy to life. But, sometimes a photo is shared that is unwelcoming or hostile. Thus, to resolve this issue, they are now going to use machine-learning technology with which they can identify bullying in photos and its caption and then send it to their Community Operations team for review. This feature will also analyze comments while recording live videos.

Recently Facebook, the parent company of Instagram also introduced anti-bullying tools that will help in removing trolls comments from feeds. Moreover, the option of hiding or delete comments in bulk and report comment on behalf of a victim are also available.  

From a long time, tech companies have been investing in specialized technology to moderate posts and comments, which is mainly difficult while dealing with photos. Facebook already uses specialized technology to identify hate speech in images. It’s an arms race between the company and people who actually post such aggressive material.

The well-being lead for communications at Instagram, Fiona Brown said that AI would be used on the new anti-bullying feature to monitor the image itself and signal it as harassment.