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AI to be used in Early Detection of Small Cancer Tumors

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Published on : Aug 28, 2018

During the fight with cancer, nearly all technologies to be explored as a potential solution. Thanks to a team of engineers and doctors who are coming up with new artificial intelligence (AI) programs to help patients to fight against this deadly disease.

Researchers at the University of Central Florida's Center for Research in Computer vision has developed an AI with the ability to spot small tumor in CT scans. The success rate of present technology is about 65%, but, with the AI-based new technology offers 95% accuracy.

Similar to other AI, this new technology has learned what is a tumor or cancer which is present in different parts of the body. The study has considered the brain as a role model and developed a blueprint to make the AI learn and find the tiny tumors in the body, said Rodney LaLonde, a doctoral candidate and computer science engineer. Inspired by the facial recognition system of iPhone X, the engineers developed a particular pattern, according to that the AI tries to find a match. 

Lung cancer is the major killer in the US which kills nearly 800,000 lives per years followed by a colon and rectal cancer. Lung, colorectal, prostate, and breast cancer accounts for nearly 45% of all cancer deaths in the US. These numbers are encouraging the researchers to find a cure for treatment and a novel technique for early detection. The engineers want to speed up the hospital setting. With this tumor detection ‘vision’ techniques the researchers are expecting that the tumor will be detected earlier which lead to starting the treatment at the early stage. This will create an impact on the number of deaths per years.