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After Mexico, Australia and Singapore, Bond Laboratories Further Expands Footprint in India

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Published on : Sep 20, 2013

Bond Laboratories, Inc., a U.S.-based global provider of nutritional supplements that recently expanded into Singapore, Australia and Mexico, recently announced that it would soon be entering the Indian market, having received a purchase order for the supply of products for GNC franchise locations in the country. Bond’s proprietary supplements are primarily marketed through NDS Nutrition Products, its wholly-owned operating division. Their product portfolio comprises dietary supplements for weight loss, sports nutrition, performance supplements, and general health supplements.

The company has been on a strategic international expansion drive to diversify its global footprint and gain a competitive edge. The company’s foray into countries such as Mexico, Singapore and Australia has enabled it to establish NSD as a premium brand in the nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements category.

Officials said that they consider India to be a key market for their business, as the country already comprises over 66 GNC franchise locations. Besides looking at higher revenue opportunities in the Indian market, the company is keen on strengthening its presence here to prepare for their eventual expansion strategies in the Middle East.

According to senior officials of the company, taking the business to emerging international markets is central to the company’s long-term growth plan and the foray into India is part of this strategy.

Bond Labs’ international footprint covers nearly 13 countries with the company already marketing or set to market products in these countries. Over 50 countries are currently part of the GNC international franchise system, even as plans for further expansion are on the anvil.