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After Black Comes Gray Burger from McDonalds

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Published on : Oct 19, 2015

Earlier McDonald launched their black burger made with black squid ink. The burger garnered a lot of attention. In fact, earlier this month, Burger King also brought back its version of popular black kuro burger to the States for Halloween. This black burger has achieved a good deal of success in Japan and continues to be an object of fascination for consumers in the West.

Now, McDonalds has gone and done it again by introducing the gray burger. This burger has been compared with everything right from rock, cookies and cream, to concrete. The burger has a gray color with spots of dark gray on it. This burger is made using black sesame. Many reviews say they appear almost metallic, giving them a silver appearance.

The burger is consider delicious and comes with pork patties, lettuce, bacon, and a spicy Sichuan pepper ketchup. This is a limited edition of the burger. However, it has attracted a lot of attention on social media. Many users are questioning the inspiration behind this weirdly colored burger.

Recently, in the global fast food industry the trend of offering food items has become a rage. One can find hamburgers sandwiched in buns that are black, red, and even pink in color. But, gray is the latest shade of the burger. This Modern China Burger is available only till 3rd of November next month and it is slightly subdued when you consider other bright hues that hamburgers have been introduced in.

This burger patty is made using fluffy mantou steamed bun. Many people on social media are calling it titles such as ‘burger on rock’. The official ad shows a plump gray bun that comes with layers of plump patties, crispy looking lettuce, and oozing sauce. However, at pictures taken from diner shows a flat looking burger than does not resemble the ad’s burger.