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After Apple, Google to Follow the Same Footsteps and Clean Its Play Store

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Published on : Jul 30, 2018

Google is cracking down on the apps published to the Play Store. An updated version of the company’s Developer Policy, released this week, indicates the company will now ban a wider variety of apps including cryptocurrency miners, those selling firearms and accessories, those that aim to trick children into downloading adult-themed apps, and apps built using automated tools or wizard services, or based on templates.

More Insights Into Ban On Unnecessary Apps Flourishing on the Play Store

Apple had implemented a similar ban the previous December, and it had caused a lot of developer backlash and controversy. Apple was also suggested to reconsider its intent and marketing policy. And the same could be expected with Google deciding to remove spam apps that are mainly made with templates, wizards, and other similar programs. In Apple’s case, this was certainly expected to reduce the clutter currently existing in the App Store. However, many smaller businesses, non-profits, and other organizations had used app template services too to create their own apps. And this ban may have wiped out many small businesses trying to market legitimately through the Store. Small and local restaurants, schools, churches, clubs, and other small businesses are prime examples of small business investing in design and development of their own apps and releasing them on the Store.

Apple revised its policy after this, so it only impacted developers who attempted to spam the App Store with multiple copies of a certain app type. And now, Google has made it clear that it will not make the same mistake as its rival. A prominent Google policy change could ban apps that mine on cryptocurrencies on users’ devices without their consent. This is expected to make it easier for Google to ban apps that are visible as a different entity, but are actually involved in something more sinister.