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Aerospace Engines to Incorporate Formula 1 Technology

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Published on : Feb 04, 2015

Business secretary Vince Cable on Wednesday that under some new projects, aerospace engines will soon be incorporating Formula 1 gearbox technology and the jet’s landing gear will be using electric motors in order to control the consumption of fuel. 

These new projects have the backing of funding that has been provided by the U.K. government and the aerospace sector to help the country maintain its position as the second-largest player in the global aerospace industry. 

Vince Cable reportedly stated that the aerospace industry in the United Kingdom has received a tremendous boost which has allowed the nation to reach to a position of worldwide excellence. This has been achieved by combining innovation, winning ideas, and talent. 

With the culmination of these three attributes, new methods of manufacturing have been created. Moreover, new skill sets and a flexible chain of supplying businesses will also allow the industry to secure its long-term profitability, Vince Cable added.

The United Kingdom business minister detailed the numerous projects that have been supported as part of the aerospace industrial strategy. He also revealed how 80 million pounds, from the total funds of 2 billion pounds, will be spent jointly by the government and the industry in order to support the aerospace sector.

The minister stated that 14 million pounds will be dedicated to designing a landing gear for jets which will incorporate electric motors so that the jets can taxi without burning fuel. Another 14 million pounds will be spent on research projects that will use McLaren’s Formula 1 expertise in order to create gearboxes for next generation jet engines.