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Advances in Nanotechnology to Help Step Ahead of the Race

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Published on : Feb 20, 2015

The OMICS Group has invited several professional to attend the Nanotechnology Congress and Expo which will be held in August this year.

Currently, nanotechnology and nanoscience is involved with the study and application of nanoscale particles which across all other fields of science such as biology, physics, chemistry, materials science and also engineering.

Presently engineers and scientists are finding many ways to deliberately use these nano sized materials to take advantage of their improved properties which include lighter weight, higher strength, increased control over light spectrum and also higher chemical reactivity as compared to their counterparts.

In addition, the emerging innovation in nanotechnology has massively reshaped many processes of manufacturing in several fields such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Furthermore, nanotubes, nanoporous, nontoxicology, nanocomposites, and nanoclays are covered within the research reports.

The Nanotech-2015 will offer an international platform for professionals to present research regarding marketing and exchanging about it’s and also contributes to the diffusion of knowledge in the industry for the benefit of both business and academia. 

Also, it covers many areas of physics which include smart materials, nanophysics, and material science. This program will help to gain a great deal of knowledge about the most recent developments and advancements and also provide a good opportunity to discuss the numerous aspects of nanotechnology.

The event is being hosted in Frankfurt which is the largest city in the German state of Hessen, it is also the largest fifth city in Germany. This city is an important financial centre in the Europe continental.