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Actor Samuel Jackson Supports to Bring Kangol Hat Jobs to the US

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Published on : Dec 02, 2015

With rise in labor costs in China and in the U.S., and drop in energy prices, many manufacturers have been rethinking plans about where to expand production and in some cases also about returning factory work to the U.S. Even if creation of ‘Made in USA’ is a priority, to create domestic manufacturing jobs is way away from being easy.

This is particularly true for textile manufacturers who have been facing a tough time to locate highly specialized machinery. So for manufacturers who want to pursue American-made accessories and clothing, and are not able to find the equipment in the U.S, what is the solution for them?

Bollman Hat Company, the oldest hat maker in America, a commitment to manufacturing in U.S. means tracking down one-of-a-kind device in China and to try to buy and transport almost 150 machines, which includes 60 knitting machines that will be shipped on containers from Asia to Adamstown.

The move to transport machinery to the U.S. will create about 40 jobs. The operations of Bollman in Adamstown has been on for nearly 150 years, the first of the company’s hats were transported on buggy and horse to the train station. 

The President and CEO of Bollman Don Rongione is striving to secure and transport the specialty knitting machinery that manufactures Kangol hats, which includes the cool golf caps that were worn by actor Samuel L. Jackson. For manufacturing the hats, the special machines were custom made in Britain in the 1930s and 1940s but are now discontinued.  In 2001, Bollman acquired the rights for the manufacture and distribution of Kangol headwear that has been welcomed by celebrities. 

The executive of Bollman’s further stated that the situation is like the one, wherein someone calls for help to ship a massive knitting machinery to the U.S. This has surprised people and they are trying to comprehend the reason for this to make sense.