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Acktar Ltd., announces the Black-Light-Absorbing coatings

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Published on : Dec 18, 2013

ACKTAR Ltd. claims that its black coatings are excellent performers in the industry of lasers and optics as they are now incorporated into one of the leading optics simulation software packages. These black coatings are the only coatings that deliver reflectance of <1% from EUV thru VIS-NIR-MWIR to LWIR. They also offer light absorbing performance that ranks far more superior to the other conventional materials and optics available for industrial applications across the optical spectrum.

 The central application of the optics simulation software packages is specifically designed to reduce the light hindrance or negative effects of the environmental light coming from bright objects outside the field-of-view. If the environmental or stray light is not suppressed before it reaches the core detector of the measurement or imaging system, it will reduce the image quality or deteriorate the sensitivity of the overall image. These packages also help to reduce the thermal emission coming from within the system itself.  

For certain applications such as satellite attitude-control star-trackers is the most critical issue. Thus, to overcome this issue, Acktar black coatings are carefully designed and put together using the black light-absorbing materials as tools to reduce the stray light from entering into the system. 

Moreover, the Acktar thin film coating can be easily deposited on any surface such as ceramics and metals, glass, polymer. It is combined with other unique materials and properties like no particulation, zero fluorescence, zero outgassing, biocompatibility, operating temperature ranging from 4K-625K, thickness of less than 10µm, and high LIDT. All these coatings are suitable for a range of industrial applications from laser beam dumps, space hardware, DMD projectors, medical applications, and automotive camera systems. 

Indeed, Acktar black coating equipment and processes are ideal for large-scale production of thousands and thousands of coated components found in mobile phone cameras as black apertures.  

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