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According to United Nations Aids agency, the AIDS epidemic can be controlled in the next 16 years

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Published on : Jul 17, 2014

The UN Aids agency has reported that the number of people affected by AIDS in the year 2013 had declined as compared to those in the year 2001. And if there is consistency in this trend, this epidemic can be controlled effectively by the year 2030. 38% fewer cases of AIDS were reported in 2013. This is due to the phenomenal effect of the drugs used to administer this deadly disease. 

Retroviral drugs which are consumed by AIDS patients, help to slow down the pace at which the infection spreads thereby prolonging the patient’s life expectancy. Efficient and timely procurement of medication has perhaps been the main contributing factor in bringing down the incidence of AIDS. 

There has been a greater awareness in men to take active steps in carrying out procedures that significantly decrease the spreading HIV. African countries like Ethiopia and South Africa have shown improvements as deaths related to AIDS have declined significantly. 

However, there exists room for much improvement in terms of greater awareness worldwide. There are HIV infected people who are not even aware that they are inflicted by HIV. Moreover, there are those who do not receive timely antiretroviral aid. In many countries treatment delivery is inefficient and unfortunately pregnant women affected by HIV fail to receive timely treatment. 

This is a major obstacle in the way for creating an AIDS free world and calls for improvement.

Life saving drugs should be accessible to that section of the world population that is infected by HIV. 

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