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Acceptance of Diverse Cuisines Favors Sales of Condiments, Food Accompaniments

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Published on : Mar 17, 2016

Condiments sauces are used for the purpose of enhancing flavor of food at the time of preparation or as a table dips to complement prepared food. Condiments sauces, presently are important constituents of regional cuisines and their availability across regional borders has enabled individuals to connect with cuisines of ethnic origin. 

In present times, due to the proliferation of communication channels consumers are connected at far ends of the world for exchange of culture, knowledge, and traditional beliefs. This has brought a revolution in the food industry to cater to the changing food habits of consumers because of adoption of new eating choices. Condiment sauces are added for enhancing food flavor and are also used as side for prepared food. 

In particular, in urban areas the busy lifestyle of individuals does not leave enough time for full cooking each day, and thus condiment sauces are handy for quick dinner fixes. In addition to this, increasing preference for fast foods, which use condiment sauces as essential ingredients for enhancing flavor of food. The various type of condiment sauces are brown sauce, mustard sauce, soy-based sauce, national specialties, chili/hot sauce, tomato ketchup, and other accompaniments. 

In the recent past, Asia Pacific led the global condiment sauces market followed by North America. In Asia Pacific Japan stood as the clear leader due to the extensive demand for soy sauces. Emerging economies of Asia Pacific such as China and India will contribute substantially to the global condiment sauces market due to the recently gained economic prosperity and increased overseas travel for leisure and business reasons. 

In North America, the U.S. is the leader for condiment sauces and it is endorsed by the country’s leading market share in the global market in 2014. Consumers in this region exhibit preference for soy sauces and tomato based products as these are essentially used in multi cuisine preparations. Germany, France, Russia, and the U.K. are the leading markets for condiment sauces in Europe. Other emerging economies such as Egypt, South Africa, Peru, Turkey, and Poland will emerge as significant markets for condiment sauces in the years to come.