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A New Study Finds How Nutrition Play A Significant Role in Building Bone Strength than Exercise

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Published on : Oct 18, 2018

In a recent research conducted at the University of Michigan, the researchers observed exercise and mineral supplementation in mice. They found that nutrition played crucial impact on strength and bone mass than exercise. Adding to it, when exercise routine was stopped, the mice still had bone strength till the time it was on mineral supplement diet.  

According to David Kohn, a professor at the University in the schools of dentistry and engineering, states that the duration of mineral supplement diet stays even after the exercise routine apart from building strength and bone mass. This was the case with mice but what about humans. As humans get old and are unable to follow their exercise routine, diet will be easier for them to follow even in old age.

Kohn was surprised when he found that diet has a positive impact on bone even without exercising. As he anticipated that exercise with a normal diet can benefit bone strengthen at a large scale, that was not the case. He also added that regular intake of the mineral supplemented diet may help in reducing loss of strength and bone with age even without exercising. 

Moreover, rather than taking the study as it is, it should be taken as a new concept for researchers to start with.

Some of the other studies at the University, work in understanding the effects of growing dietary calcium, thus, increased phosphorous and calcium can have higher benefits by increasing both. However, that doesn’t imply that these two supplements need to be consumed more in quantity. 

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