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5G Network: A Breakthrough in Autonomous Car Technology

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Published on : Mar 15, 2019

The evolution of networks has enabled researches to unlock the technology for autonomous cars. The automobile industry is progressing at a tremendous rate and self-driving cars are no new sheep in the market. The experts believe that development of autonomous cars will gain momentum with the adoption of fifth-generation technology.

Driverless cars should essentially have human-like reflexes and the current 4G network does not support that. This is why the 5G network is becoming increasingly popular in the automobile industry. 5G network is a technological breakthrough that presents several opportunities for the development of autonomous cars. Self-driving cars use numerous sensors that generate tremendous amount of data. Researchers say that the 5G network is equipped to process and analyze this data and replicate human reflexes.

Enhancing Safety Measures in Autonomous Vehicles Gain Prime Importance

Autonomous cars process a great deal of unstructured data which poses a challenge of privacy protection. 5G offers edge computing that allows faster data processing with lower latency. The fast 5G network enables Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) connectivity. This type of connectivity will make the vehicles incredibly safe on the roads, by facilitating a quick response time to apparent safety alerts.

The advancements in autonomous car technology has garnered the interest of companies such as Tesla and Toyota. They are also testing self-driving cars on roads and also contributing to the development of new autonomous car technologies.

Dr. Joy Laskar, CTO of Maja Systems said that future driverless cars will generate data equivalent to 2 million gigabytes. Moreover, he also said that companies will demand the use of fast ASIC processing technology to transfer this data. The semiconductor companies, Intel and Qualcomm are advancing towards the same. They are leveraging the potential of the 5G network to turn driverless cars into mobile data centers. In the near term, this will allow autonomous cars to make real-time decisions. Researchers believe that a shift from conventional vehicles to self-driving cars will radically change the transportation system.

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