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3D Imaging Exhibits Diverse Applications across Industries

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Published on : Jan 06, 2016

Three dimensional (3D) imaging has successfully forayed in the entertainment and media industry. The release of several movies in the past few years made using the 3D imaging technology has instantly grabbed the attention of audiences due to the unparalleled viewing experience the technology offers. Apart from the entertainment industry, the 3D imaging technology has also made a mark with its advent in the healthcare industry. The technology has enabled professionals to better diagnose the conditions of those ailing and accordingly administer precision medicine. 

While in the last few years 3D imaging has exhibited myriad applications across industries, its most renowned uses include interior designing, animation, and gaming. Software used most commonly for the applications are AutoCAD, Blender, and Autodesk 123D. 

Recently, 3D imaging has also found application in the defense sector, apart from its application in automotive, healthcare, entertainment, and design industry. In the defense and security sector, the technology is used to identify and detect objects. The defense industry also uses 3D imaging for simulation. 

In the healthcare industry particularly, 3D imaging offers many benefits. For instance, the technology helps in improving the diagnosis confidence among healthcare professionals. Due to the benefits it offer, 3D imaging solutions are gradually replacing more expensive and invasive diagnostic procedures, thus reducing the complications associated with the same. Furthermore, 3D imaging in healthcare diagnosis facilitates non-invasive surgical planning and reduces the overall operating time. 

Despite offering several benefits across industries, 3D imaging is yet to cater to the price-sensitive markets. The high investment required to implement 3D imaging solutions also has an adverse impact on the over growth trajectory of the global 3D imaging market. Nevertheless, the introduction of the latest technological advances such as rapid prototyping and 4D is likely to fuel demand from the global 3D imaging market in forthcoming years. 

Therefore, to capitalize on the lucrative opportunities in the near future, the industry must roll out 3D imaging systems that provide high quality images but are priced more affordably. With the introduction of the latest technologies, the market is anticipated to mitigate such bottlenecks and demonstrate exponential growth in the near future.