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300,000 Employees Leave Jobs Annually Owing to Poor Mental Health

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Published on : Oct 26, 2017

A report commissioned by British Prime Minister Theresa May has claimed that nearly 300,000 people lose their jobs every year because of long-term mental health issues. The U.K. economy, furthermore, has been analyzed to suffer a cost of approximately £99.0 bn each year due to poor mental health. The civil service of the country has agreed to accept the recommendations provided in the report. The report titled, “Thriving At Work,” has a co-author, Paul Farmer, who said mental health had been a taboo subject in most workplaces.

U.K. Government Considers Legislative Changes, Civil Service Agrees to Implement

The report has made 40 recommendations which bring to light the role of employers and the government in supporting employees to remain at work. For instance, implementing digital technology and opening an online well-being portal for professionals in the gig economy. Furthermore, employers have been recommended to include an employee mental health section in annual reports. At present, 11.0% of employers follow the recommendation, as per the report.

The report also noted a cost of £42 bn suffered by employers each year due to the mental health problems of their staff members. Prime Minister May has already asked NHS England and the civil service to follow the given recommendations for their collective employee count of an over 2.0 million. A review in the report has revealed that people with mental health problems leave their jobs twice as much as their colleagues having no such issues, although some may be counted twice for certain reasons.=