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3 Prime Trends in Hair Care Ingredients, Procter & Gamble to Lead in Hair Dyes

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Published on : Jan 13, 2016

The hair care market includes a number of products and each of these products have their own unique properties. These products are made by using either synthetic ingredients or natural ingredients, which are mixed with other moisturizing, protective, and cleaning substances. The overall hair care market products market is poised to expand owing to a number of hair care services such as hair spas, hair care treatments, and deep nourishing treatments, etc. The market for hair care products is expanding and manufacturers are formulating a variety of ingredients keeping in mind their audience.

Consumers long for healthy hair and their purchasing is dependent on the natural or green trend seen in the market. These trends have manifested owing to rising interest for ingredient labeling.

The prime hair care ingredient trends seen in the hair care market are as follows: 

  • Incline towards Natural ingredients: Consumers are looking for natural ingredients and this is why a number of companies are introducing products having natural ingredients. Hence, premium quality botanical ingredients and plant-based ingredients are gaining traction.
  • Use of Preservatives not Affected by Natural Ingredient Trends:  A large number of preservatives added to hair care products are a matter of concern for consumers owing to their hazardous influence on human health. In hair care products, benzoate or benzoic acid will stay as major preservatives, with increasing interest for natural preservatives. On the other hand, a fresh category in hair care ingredients is becoming popular. These are amino acids and peptides and in the coming years these two ingredients may emerge as premium ingredients within the hair care market.
  • Procter & Gamble to Lead in Hair Dyes: Not long ago, Procter & Gamble has commercialized ME+, a type of hair which claims of having less risk of allergy development in consumers. This might give the company a competitive advantage over other key companies operating in the market. 

Thus, the market for hair care ingredients is poised to experience a number of changes in forthcoming years. As manufacturers keep introducing new innovation and natural products, safe and traditional ingredients will experience a swift growth in the coming years.