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3 Chief Players and their Product Specializations in Military Satellite Industry

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Published on : Jun 15, 2016

The global market for military satellites is expanding at a CAGR of 5.70% between 2016 and 2020. The rising investments for SATCOM is a chief trend seen within this market. The market is poised to grow owing to the increasing inclination towards electro-optical imaging systems and the increasing product introductions by the major players in the market. 

The key players operating in the global military satellite market and their top product introductions in the market have been presented under this study.

  • Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI): This company was founded back in 1953 and has its headquarters in Israel at Ben-Gurion International Airport. This company is extensively involved in the marketing and manufacturing of commercial and military aerospace as well as defense systems globally. The company via its MLM division presents a number of space technologies including small satellite launch systems as well as vehicles, ground and space control systems. The MLM division of the company has also produced and developed a satellite launcher called SHAVIT. This is utilized in orbit insertion services within both military as well as commercial applications. 
  • Boeing: Boeing was founded in 1942 and is headquartered at Chicago, Illinois, the U.S. This company coupled with its subsidiaries is involved in the defense and aerospace businesses globally. In the 90’s, this company launched its first 702 spacecraft family for utilization in military as well as commercial applications. Twenty eight of these satellites were sold by 2010 end. These satellites were employed for 867,000 hours within both commercial as well as military applications. 
  • Northrop Grumman: The company has its headquarters at Falls Church, Virginia, US and was established in 1939. It presents products, solutions, and systems targeting on electronics, aerospace, technical services for commercial customers, and electronics globally. The company also makes military and commercial satellite payloads and space systems. The space systems made by Northrop Grumman are employed in satellite communications, earth observation, space exploring applications, space science, etc. Since past thirty years, this company has also been presenting its jam-resistant payloads that are employed in military communication satellites. 

Some other leading players in the global military satellite market are Thales Group, Raytheon, Airbus Defence and Space, Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, ViaSat, and SpaceX, among others.