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3 Chief Factors impacting Halal Cosmetics Market in Asia Pacific

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Published on : Mar 23, 2016

Halal is a commonly used term for food, but nowadays it entails a great range of products such as personal care products and cosmetics that have been regarded permission from the Islamic law. A halal approved product doesn’t comprise alcohol, isn’t tested on animals, and do not comprise any kind of animal-derived ingredients that are not permissible. The market for halal cosmetics and personal care in Asia Pacific is growing at a constant pace. The market experienced a great demand for personal care and halal cosmetic products from Malaysia, trailed by Pakistan and Indonesia, due to a rise in the Muslim community within these areas and the increasing awareness on halal-certified products.

The outlook of the halal cosmetic and personal care market in Asia Pacific has been detailed as under. The major factors impacting the growth of the market have been elaborated upon as under:

  • Rising Awareness about Cosmetic Penetration: There is a growing awareness in consumers on the fact that the products used on the skin do not only stay there, but can also penetrate through the skin and can directly enter the blood stream as well. In case these cosmetic products comprise any type of animal ingredients that do not hold permission, then their absorption or ingestion could emerge as key concern within the Muslim consumers.
  • E-commerce: There is a great scope for vendors within the halal cosmetic market for increasing their profit by the adoption of e-commerce in the form of a business platform. Owing to the fact that customers use online sources, a number of companies have focused on the internet-savvy customer segment and have moved in the retail format.
  • Rising New Product Advancement: Owing to the rising awareness as well as disposable incomes, Muslims residing in the Asia Pacific region have demanded new and better halal cosmetics, helping fulfil the demands of different lifestyles and age ranges. A key example to elaborate this is of the oxygen-permeable nail paint named as O2M manufactured by INGLOT Inc., which keeps the Islamic law in consideration and hence is ablution-friendly. 

Hence, all of these factors along with a number of new innovations as well as product advancements are predicted to fuel the demand for personal care products and halal cosmetics within the region of Asia Pacific in the coming years.