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24M Built to Reinvent the Manufacturing Process of Lithium- Ion Battery

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Published on : Jun 25, 2015

MIT’s researchers have built up an advanced way to manufacture lithium-ion batteries than can convey numerous progressions to the rechargeable battery industry. 

Yet-Ming Chiang, a scientist at MIT, made an open declaration of his most recent startup called 24M, which has appeared a lithium-ion battery manufacturing procedure than can decrease expenses and expand proficiency. 

Chiang clarifies that the new battery structure is in view of a semi-strong material, which takes out the mass from the battery and lessens the weight. Throop Wilder, 24M’s CEO, proposes that they can chop down the time that is expected to make the battery by 80 percent and cost by up to 50 percent with the assistance of the novel innovation. 

Battery is a standout amongst the most essential and lavish segments of an electric vehicle and organizations, for example, Tesla and Chevrolet are additionally discovering approaches to diminish the expense of batteries in their electric cars. Lessened expense of battery will naturally diminish the expense of an electric car, which will bring about mass selection of electric vehicles. 

Most recent report proposes that Tesla's forthcoming Model 3 is predicted to have a sticker of $35,000, which is way less expensive than the organization's current Model S, which will help expand the car deals. Tesla is evaluating that its car deals figures will achieve 500,000 by 2020, which is most likely because of the lessened expense of battery in the car. 

The industry for electric cars is till now way behind before most of the individuals begin to accept electric cars. Improvements by organizations, for example, 24M will help the business to permit mass adoption of electric cars in the near future.