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1,500 Medical Aid Workers from China to go to Africa

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Published on : Oct 09, 2015

China has reconstituted its pledge about providing medical assistance to Africa. Keeping to this it will send 1,500 medical workers to Africa in the next three years.

Particularly, China has vowed to aid Africa for capacity building, talent search, and infrastructural development.

Regarding keeping with pledge, the promise was declared at the Ministerial Forum of China- Africa Health Development, which happened for the second time at a meeting that concluded recently in Cape Town.

Both African and Chinese health officials have adopted the Cape Town Declaration, in the pursuit to saves human lives and improve public well-being. This will be carried out by strengthening access to standard quality health supplies, medicines, medical devices, vaccines, and services.

The main objective of the engagement is to provide medical assistance for diseases such as Ebola, AIDS, malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, and non-communicable diseases.

As commented by the Chinese Minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission, post-ebola era in China, the country is willing to assist and support in setting up disease control and prevention centers both at regional and national levels.

As such, this would reinforce surveillance, monitoring, and the response capacity of countries in Africa for situations pertaining to public health emergencies.

The Chinese Minister further commented, that it was vitally important to establish well-functioning public healthcare system in Africa, especially to tackle the emerging menace of infectious diseases.

As commented by the Africa region director of the World Health Organization, China has played a great role in the development of Africa, particularly health.

China has been providing assistance to Africa since 1960s and till date it has sent more than 20,000 medical workers. These have been sent to more than 40 countries in Africa, as reported by the commission. 

The Chinese Minister further commented that in the next three years China will be sending 1500 medical workers to the continent