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Anti-Mar Coating Materials Market and Supply Chain Development

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Jan 2014

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Supply chain

No. of Pages : 13 Pages

Cover lenses are an exterior component of smartphones or tablets that come with a built-in projected capacitive touch sensor. To sense the capacitance changes of sensors, a finger is placed on or near the sensor. But sticky or sweaty finger tips can leave smudges and fingerprints on cover lens surface and thus affect the user experience. To prevent this from happening, cover lens manufacturers deposit an anti-mar coating material that bonds with the surface of a cover lens using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) or spray process. 

This report outlines the development of anti-mar coating materials used for cover lenses of smartphones, tablets and eyeglasses; examines market development and supply chains of those materials.
Table of Content

Development of Anti-mar Coating Materials Market
Composition of Anti-mar Coating Materials
Anti-Mar Coating ASP
(Table) Anti-mar Coating ASP (Materials & Processing included) by Mainstream Screen Size for Smartphone and Tablet
Anti-Mar Coating Material Supply Chain & Ranking
(Table) Anti-Mar Coating Material Supply Chain in 2013
Consumption Share of Anti-mar Coating Materials by Major Cover Lens Manufacturers in 2013
(Table) Cover Lens Revenue and Consumption Estimate of Anti-mar Coating Materials, 2013
Application Share of Anti-Mar Coating Materials

Research Scope
Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

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