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While regions such as the USA and Europe have hitherto dominated the alcoholic drinks industry, emerging markets are bound to play an important role in the alcoholic drinks market in the coming year. Much of this industry is fragmented and features stiff competition among players, with each of them spending substantial dollars in aggressively marketing their products. It is anticipated that by 2014 the worldwide alcoholic drinks industry will reach a market value of USD 1 trillion with a market volume of over 210 billion liters.


Beverages such as beer, cider and other flavored alcoholic drinks comprise a larger chunk of the market. Nearly 57 of all alcoholic drinks are consumed by the European Union. 


However, the dynamics of the alcoholic beverages market have been shifting over the past few years with the growing emergence of countries such as India and China. The demand for spirits and alcoholic beverages in these markets is rapidly expanding, making way for new products.


Despite these changes and opportunities, the fact remains that the alcoholic drinks industry is a highly segmented one with three leading players accounting for nearly 40% of the market volume. 


The alcoholic drinks category comprises several sub-categories such as wine, beer, ale and cider. It also features spirits such as whiskey, brandy, rum and vodka. Branded drinks constitute nearly 40% of the global consumption of alcoholic drinks that are owned by major players. 


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