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The usage of adhesives has been on the rise due to the booming construction, automotive, and several other industries. Adhesives are chemically created substances that enable binding of various types of materials. The popularly used adhesives are synthetically manufactured. The rapid pace of urbanization and infrastructural growth is projected to augment the demand for adhesives in various spheres of life in the coming years.

Adhesive tapes are the fastest-selling commodities due to the convenience they offer in usage and outcome. The most common way of applying adhesives are through rollers, brushes, spray guns, films and pellets, and applicator guns. The soaring production of electronics, labels, packaging materials, tapes, furniture, footwear, and others have fueled the improvements in the overall adhesive industry, urging investments and research and development. The future will witness an introduction of excellent adhesive-based products are the market will cater for the ever-changing needs of the dynamic industries that need superior materials.