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Academic E-Learning Research Reports

Academic E-Learning Research Reports

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has resulted into disturbing almost all the day-to-day activities of all worldwide population. While there are numerous industries facing remarkable impact of this pandemic, education is considered one of the most influenced sectors of the same. To deal with this critical situation and continue the academic education of students, the government authorities of major countries across the globe have adopted the option of advanced technologies such as academic e-learning.

Academic e-learning refers to a learning system that is based on formal teaching; however, it uses various electronic resources such as laptops, computers, smartphones, or tablets. In this concept, the task of teaching is performed in or out of the classrooms with the help of computers and the Internet. The academic e-learning system is also popular as it allows for a network-enabled transfer of knowledge and skills. This advanced technology is working as a helpful tool in order to delivering education to a huge number of recipients from any places. Moving forward, the ability of this system to help in saving time required for travelling is increasing its popularity day by day.

The concept of academic e-learning is gaining impetus over the period of past one year owing to a wide range of advantages it offers. Some of the key advantages of this concept include quick delivery of lessons, access to updated content, access to lectures for uncountable number of times, consistency, scalability, environmental-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness.

The companies in the academic e-learning sector are growing focus on advancing the quality of services they offer. To support this motive, they are growing investments in research and development activities. Apart from this, many service providers are emphasizing on the launch of technologically advanced products. On the back of all these factors, the academic e-learning sector is expected to expand at considerable pace in the years to come.

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