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A2P SMS Research Reports

A2P SMS Research Reports

Application to Person Short Messaging Service, also known as A2P SMS is a process of transmitting cellular messages from a software application to a specific cellphone user or a number of cellphone users. It is also known as professional or enterprise SMS services. A2P SMS can be used by a wide variety of businesses to establish and maintain contact with their customers. It can also be used to authenticate the identity of the users opting for certain online services. A2P SMS services can deliver time sensitive notifications and alerts. The communication is started by the business end of the application and can be delivered to a number of people at a time. A2P SMS can ensure the quality of communication as it only needs to be fed into the system once. The technology merely repeats and copies the text and send sit over to the list of hundreds or thousands of people instantly. Rising number of smartphone users along with advent of futuristic technologies such as watch banking, IoT, and 5G are anticipated to boost the A2P SMS market. 


Some of the most common and day to day examples of A2P SMS would be critical alerts, weather alerts, banking notifications, SMS enabled two-step verification and authentication, loyalty program notifications, confirmation alerts for automatic booking or service confirmation, marketing notifications, and mass alerts. A2P SMS can be used to increase the number of individuals a company can reach to in a short period of time. It increases the quality along with the quantity of the communication. One of the earliest users of these A2P SMS services have been financial institutions. Today’s instant, web-only, and fast banking services are enabled by using these A2P SMS services. Some of the A2P SMS enabled services offered by banking and financial institutions include bank balance statements, cheque clearing status, anti-fraud alerts, offers and announcements delivery, cash withdrawal notifications, payment reminders, and online activity alerts.



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