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A Study of Chinas Beer Market 2015

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Smart Research Insights

Published Date : Sep 2015

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China is currently the largest beer market by volume globally and is expected to also become the largest beer market in the world by sales value by 2017. In 2014 the Chinese beer market's was worth 486 billion yuan as compared with 291 billion yuan in 2010, This is due to the fast increasing disposable income coupled with the growing drinking age population in the country.

By 2017, the country's beer market is projected to grow by 45%moving ahead of the United States which is currently the world's largest beer market in terms of value. At present there are five key beer groups which together form 80% of China's beer market. There groups are Carlsberg China, China Resources Snow Breweries, Anheuser-Bush InBev, Tsingtao Brewery, and Beijing Yangjin Beer.Going forward, winning strategies in the Chinese beer market will see players strengthening their brand positioning, new products launch, and distribution and cost control.

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The report ""A study of China's Beer Market 2015

Table of Content

1. Analyst Opinion

2. Global Beer Market Overview

2.1 Overview
2.2 Performance
2.3 Emerging Trends

3. China Beer Market
3.1 Overview
3.2 Performance & Market StatisticsĀ 

4. Market Drivers & Emerging Trends

5. Competitive Landscape

5.1 China Resources
5.2 Tsingtao Brewery Co.,Ltd.
5.3 Anheuser-Busch InBev
5.4 Beijing Yanjing Brewery
5.5 Carlsberg

6. Outlook and Opportunities

7. Research Methodology

8. About Smart Research Insights

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