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3D Reconstruction Technology Research Reports

3D Reconstruction Technology Research Reports

3D reconstruction technology include tools that provide a three dimensional framework/prototype of the specific operation or product. These designing tools help project managers, site engineers as well as site laborers to clearly understand the product/ operation in a virtualized environment so that during the actual work process, the risk of error can be minimized and total cost of production can be optimized. 3D reconstruction technology combines traditional computer aided design (CAD) and 3D modelling in order to design, visualize, and simulate digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a structure over its life cycle. These tools and services are widely used in various industry verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and oil and gas.

In computer vision and computer graphics, 3D reconstruction is the process of capturing the shape and appearance of real objects. This process can be accomplished either by active or passive methods. If the model is allowed to change its shape in time, this is referred to as non-rigid or spatio-temporal reconstruction.

The research of 3D reconstruction has always been a difficult goal. Using 3D reconstruction one can determine any object's 3D profile, as well as knowing the 3D coordinate of any point on the profile. The 3D reconstruction of objects is a generally scientific problem and core technology of a wide variety of fields, such as Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD), computer graphics, computer animation, computer vision, medical imaging, computational science, virtual reality, digital media, etc. For instance, the lesion information of the patients can be presented in 3D on the computer, which offers a new and accurate approach in diagnosis and thus has vital clinical value. Digital elevation models can be reconstructed using methods such as airborne laser altimetry or synthetic aperture radar. 3D scanning based 3D reconstruction technology type is expected to grow at an exponential rate from the year 2019. The reason for this is growing application of 3D scanning based technology in autonomous vehicles. 

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