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3D Printing in Construction Research Reports

3D Printing in Construction Research Reports

3D printing is also referred as additive manufacturing. It can be defined as a process of creating 3-dimensional solid objects utilizing a digital file. This can be achieved with the help of additive processes, in which objects are created by laying down consecutive layers of material. 3D printing technology is widely accepted in numerous applications including component and tool manufacture, product design, plastics, consumer electronics, aerospace engineering, metalworking, dental and medical applications, footwear, and construction sector. The technique is specifically utilized for prototyping and for the creation of geometrically complicated components. The 3D printing technology was initially developed during the 1980s.

Over the period of past few years, 3D printing technology is gaining high popularity in the worldwide construction sector. One of the key factors for this popularity is its increased use for various activities in the construction sector. 3D printing systems specifically intended for the construction industry are called as ‘construction 3D printers’. Any 3D digital model of product can be created with the help of 3D scanner or by computer-aided design (CAD). Then, the printer reads the design and successive layers of printing medium (this can be a powder, liquid, or sheet material) are placed. Then, they are fused or joined in order to form an item. While the process is slow, it allows for the creation of almost any shape.

In the construction sector, 3D printing can be employed for the creation of various construction components. At the same time, it can be helpful for getting the ‘print’ of entire buildings. The companies engaged in the 3D printing in construction industry are growing focus toward research and development activities. This tactic is helping enterprises in advancing the quality of their products. Apart from this, they are engaging in the partnership, collaborations, and joint venture activities. On the back of all these activities, the global 3D printing in construction industry is likely to gain prodigious expansion avenues in the years ahead.

3D Printing in Construction-Thematic Research

Sep 2019 | Construction | 62 Pages | $ 1950

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