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3D Motion Capture Research Reports

3D Motion Capture Research Reports

Motion capture refers to the process of recording movements of various objects. The 3D motion capture finds application in entertainment, military, healthcare, sports and for validating vision for robotics and computers. In the video game industry and filmmaking industry 3D motion capture refers to recoding actions of human actors and using the information for the animation of digital characters and models in 3D computer animation. In motion capture session, movement of the actor is sampled numerous times per second. The main purpose of the 3D motion capture is to record the movement of the subject and it generally does not focus on the visual attributes of the subject.

Then this 3D motion recording is mapped on a 3D model so that the model performs the same action than that of the subject. Some of the key advantages of using a 3D motion capturing are low latency which would be close to real time. Application of 3D motion capture provides lower cost in key frame based animations. The amount of work does not diverge with the length and complexity of the performance as the same degree as compared to use of traditionally used methods. Further realistic interactions and complex movements like weight, motion and exchange of force can be replicated in the physically accurate manner on the subject in hand.

The content of animation which could be developed at a particular given time is much more as compared to traditionally used methods. Some of the factors driving the 3D motion capture market include reduction in implementation cost for the 3D motion capture, rise in demand and preference towards high quality 3D animations. Innovation and development of computerize methods. Further growth in demand for recording real time data with exceptional temporal accuracy spatial are some of the factors driving the market. Particular software and hardware programs require specific data processing.This is a key factor restraining the 3D motion capture market growth currently. Further requirement for high end processor is a key challenge for the 3D motion capture players.

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