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Three-dimensional technology (3D) technology has opened up a wide array of possibilities for various industries. From entertainment to healthcare, the usage of 3D technology has picked up pace in recent years due to the advantages it provides. The demand for 3D technology is projected to see an exponential rise as it improves the illusion of depth perception, allowing the viewer to understand the imagery with enhanced clarity. The potential of 3D technology is estimated to be high as it is assessed to have a bright future in printing and manufacturing industries.

This transformative technology shaking up healthcare, electronic, and automotive industries will be blessed with heavy investments as research and development activities pick up pace. As organizations are realizing the power of 3D technology in processes such as ideation and design of new production, they are directly contributing towards materializing the infinite potential of this technology. 3D technology will also make inroads over conventional forms of designing and imaging as end users will seek to distinguish their products and services to gain a competitive edge.