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2012 Cards and Payments Yearbook

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Published Date : Mar 2012

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Cards & Payments

No. of Pages : 84 Pages


  • This VRL report examines the key developments in the cards and payments industry during 2011
  • Highlights from a number of cards and payments research reports produced during the year are attached
  • Particular attention is given over to events and newsflow in Latin America, the US and Japan
  • The report includes coverage of VRLs cards and payments conferences and events held during 2011

2011 has been a tense year. From the major regulatory and government initiatives that have reared their heads, to gunfights in the industry's very own Wild West - mobile payments. The fact is, we are on the verge of some significant changes. This review brings these issues to the fore. Inside we look at start-ups, strategic partnerships and product launches that are shaping the changing landscape. We look at the global flashpoints - South East Asia and Latin America in particular - where telecoms and payments are already well intertwined. And we look at the technological drivers, the implementation of NFC technology at the point of sale, and the ongoing rollout of EMV. 

A summary of 2011's major new developments is followed by a round-up of the year's thought-provoking features. 2012, just as 2011 did, will provide a host of challenges. Embracing that struggle will help the cards and payments industry re-shape its offerings in a more sustainable, client-centric way.


  • This yearbook equips you with the industry-specific insight to make the right business decisions in a highly competitive market
  • Find out what the views of industry leaders are on the prospects for the industry over the next 12 months
  • Highlight the key trends and their likely impact on the sector
  • Review last years most thought provoking articles
Reasons To Buy

  • Gain a strategic overview of the global cards and payments industry
  • Learn what senior executives think 2012 will hold for cards and payments
  • Investigate the opportunities for market growth across your region
  • Implement strategic market positioning and customer segmentation
Key Highlights

  • Telecoms and payments are well intertwined in South East Asia and Latin America
  • The implementation of NFC technology at the point of sale, and the roll-out of EMV are learning to co-exist with traditional profit drivers such as credit lending and point of sale transactions
  • Credit card issuers are at threat from co-operation between emerging and alternative payments, and debit/prepaid platforms
  • Developments in hybrid cards are a way forward for credit card companies in weak market conditions
Table of Content


1 News Review
1.1 Western Union expands remittance service
1.2 Starbucks rolls out m-payments app in US
1.3 US revolving credit on rise again
1.4 Visa partners with Groupon Latin America
1.5 ReD looks to boost Japans cross-border e-commerce
1.6 Citigroup and Discover delinquency rates drop
1.7 Mastercard launches prepaid first in Brazil
1.8 eBay acquires Zong in $240m deal
1.9 Ireland begins move to contactless
1.10 HDFC unveils limitless credit card for India
1.11 India to launch prepaid remittance scheme
1.12 HSBC sells its US credit card portfolio
1.13 Visa grants license to Google
1.14 NCR tackles ATM crime
1.15 Thai government launches agricultural credit card
1.16 Visa makes major moves in mobile payments
1.17 Success of Google Wallet and Apple to force MNO co-operation in mobile wallets

2 Conferences and Events
2.1 Cards International awards 2011
2.2 Cards and Payments Europe 2011
2.3 Prepaid Summit Europe 2011

3 Analysis
3.1 All change in the US
3.2 2EMD: Where is the limit?
3.3 Store cards a major force in Latin America
3.4 Processing power shift
3.5 Prepaid Programme Management: competing business models
3.6 Prepaid and government disbursements; the beginning of Big Brother
3.7 Unbundling gathers pace in Europe
3.8 Brazils retail bubble could burst
3.9 EMV in the US
3.10 An electronic age for Japan?
3.11 Predictive analytics: looking forward
3.12 Legislative threat to prepaid in Germany
3.13 Prepaid in Japan: a clicks and mortar approach
3.14 Profile: Welcome Real-time
3.15 Credit unions reap Durbin benefits
3.16 Credit Card Acquiring in the US: back to the future?
3.17 Multinationals see growth in Latam
3.18 Review: mergers, acquisitions and partnerships
3.19 Mobile payments get going in Latam

4 Research
4.1 Debit cards as profit drivers
4.2 Contactless cards
4.3 Alternative payment channels

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