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1-Octene Research Reports

1-Octene Research Reports

1-Octene refers to an organic compound with a chemical formula of CH2CHC6H13. This alkene is a colorless liquid that is categorized as a higher olefin and alpha-olefin. In this compound, the double bond is situated at the primary (alpha) position. As a result, it shows higher reactivity and therefore functional chemical properties. 1-Octene is considered as one of the key linear alpha olefins in the industry.

At present, there are two methods for the manufacturing of 1-octene, namely, oligomerization of ethylene and Fischer–Tropsch synthesis & purification. Apart from this, 1-octene can be also achieved by the alcohols dehydration process. In the past period, 1-octene was produced using the technique of waxes thermal cracking. The production of linear internal octenes was also performed using the method of linear alkanes’ chlorination/dehydrochlorination.

To gain to 1-octene, ethylene can be oligomerized using five different commercial processes. Of them, about four processes manufacture 1-octene as a component of alpha-olefins. In standard conditions, 1-hexene content of the whole distribution of alpha-olefins ranges from around 25% of the distribution in the Ethyl (Innovene) process to approximately 8% of distribution in several modes of the Idemitsu and Gulf (CP Chemicals) processes.

1-octene holds a wide range of applications in different industries. One of the key applications of 1-octene is as a comonomer in polyethylene manufacturing. Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) utilize around 8–10% and 2–4% of comonomers, respectively. Apart from this, 1-octene is extensively used in the manufacturing of linear aldehyde through oxo synthesis (hydroformylation) to offer the C9 aldehyde (nonanal). On the oxidation of this aldehyde, a short-chain fatty acid, nonanoic acid is gained. This aside, the hydrogenation process of the same aldehyde offers the fatty alcohol 1-nonanol, which is generally employed as a plasticizer. This wide application of 1-octene depicts that the manufacturers of this compound will gather prodigious sales opportunities in the forthcoming years.

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