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1,3-Butadiene (BD) Research Reports

1,3-Butadiene (BD) Research Reports

1,3-Butadiene (BD), commonly known as butadiene, is an industrial chemical compound used in the production of synthetic rubber. It is highly reactive and flammable in nature. 1,3-Butadiene (BD) is a colorless gas that emits a mild aromatic odor. It is insoluble in water but soluble in both ether and alcohol. It is utilized due to its quality of readily polymerizing with oxygen. Major derivatives of 1,3-Butadiene (BD) include styrene butadiene rubber and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). These chemical derivatives are widely utilized in the automotive sector for manufacturing of tires and other auto parts. Rapid growth of automotive industry in emerging economies is expected to boost the global 1,3-Butadiene (BD) market. 1,3-Butadiene (BD) is a key raw material that is used across various industries such as building and construction, healthcare, defense, and consumer durables.

A byproduct of ethylene steam cracking of naphtha feedstock, 1,3-Butadiene (BD) is primarily utilized as a chemical intermediate and monomer for production of rubber for industrial and consumer products. However, limited availability of crude oil required to derive the compound from naphtha cracking process might restrict the supply of 1,3-Butadiene (BD). However, emergence of coal-based ammonia and methanol facilities is expected to provide alternate sources for the production of the compound. It is used in many sectors including automobile, electronics, packaging, construction materials, protective clothing, and electrical appliance components. Rising concerns about safety standards while operating automobiles is increasing the demand for high performance vehicle tires. This trend is anticipated to boost the global 1,3-Butadiene (BD) market. However, health concerns regarding chemical exposure are anticipated to pose safety and regulation challenges for the market.

Cost effectiveness, easily accessibility, reliability, and abundance of 1,3-Butadiene (BD) are factors anticipated to drive the demand in the global market. Key players are investing in consistent research and development activities to enhance chemical properties of 1,3-Butadiene (BD) to make it suitable for a broader application base. Highly adhesive and elastic properties of 1,3-Butadiene (BD) make it perfect for manufacturing carpet back coatings and coated papers. It is also used in aeronautical sector to manufacture sealants, oil handling hoses, and grommets. 

Global 1,3-Butadiene (BD) Sales Market Report 2021

Apr 2021 | Chemicals | 145 Pages | $ 4000

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Global 1,3-Butadiene (BD) Market Outlook 2021

Jan 2021 | Chemicals | 123 Pages | $ 2900

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Global 1,3-Butadiene (BD) Market Research Report 2021

Jan 2021 | Chemicals | 115 Pages | $ 2900

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Global 1,3-Butadiene (BD) Market Research Report 2020

Apr 2020 | Chemicals | 124 Pages | $ 2900

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