Wireless Power Transmission for Consumer Electronics and Electric Vehicles 2012-2022

Published Date » 2013-11-01
No. Of Pages » 96

Over the next decade, the most vibrant Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) markets will involve the contactless charging of portable and mobile equipment, in particular consumer electronics and electric vehicles and this is the focus of this report. These two aspects go together because the technology is similar, some proposed standards overlap and some suppliers seek to serve both markets.
Later, this will lead to contactless power for a high proportion of static consumer, industrial and military electronics. For now, it primarily concerns wireless charging of lithium-ion batteries in portable consumer electronics and in land, water and airborne electric vehicles, particularly cars, both hybrid and pure electric. These travel considerable distances and ready availability of standard, convenient ie contactless, charging capability is key to their widespread adoption. To the user of consumer electronics, this is particularly driven by the ever greater functionality and longer hours of use of mobile phones calling for frequent charging, given that the batteries are not improving fast enough.
Consumer electronics has a very powerful driver towards contactless charging in the form of the extreme inconvenience of the proliferation of electrically charged products each with an incompatible charging power supply, three to four billion units being made every year - a potential market for wireless charging pairs of up to ten billion dollars yearly, given market growth and an allied market of wireless power to electronic and electric consumer products that do not need charging. Similarly, there is a large unmet demand for wireless charging of vehicles, so the driver avoids the inconvenience, dirtiness and danger of having to get out of the vehicle to plug in something during bad weather or dangerous neighbourhoods. Many prefer not to handle heavy electrical equipment.

IDTechEx forecasts the number, unit value and market value of this charging equipment for 2012-2022, including separately the Levels 1-3 of charging speed for vehicles. The forecasts reflect a full consideration of the many market drivers. Unusually, the report evaluates the many negatives delaying market growth not just the positives that are the focus of previous reports on this subject that tend to substitute enthusiasm for reality. The technology options, suppliers and their successes and challenges, standards activities and the influence of related technologies such as metamaterials, printed electronics and printed electrics are considered. The relevant needs of the consumer packaged goods industry are considered as it becomes electronic. 24 tables and 45 figures pull this together, with 42 suppliers and their partnerships profiled in this 145 page report containing glossary and appendices.
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2.1. What is Wireless Power Transmission (WPT)?

3.1. Device power consumption
3.2. WPT past present and future
3.3. What WPT encompasses
3.4. Charging levels
3.5. Options for short range inductive coupling
3.6. Radio Frequency RF
3.7. Radio frequency UHF
3.8. Ambient energy harvesting
3.9. Duke University
3.10. Microwave and laser beams
3.10.1. The laser and microwave alternatives

4.1. Wireless Power Consortium
4.2. The purpose of the Wireless Power Consortium
4.3. Progress in adopting the standards
4.4. Consumer Electronics Association
4.5. Contacted power supply standard in the European Union
4.6. Contacted power supply standard in the People's Republic of China
4.7. Contacted power supply standard in South Korea

5.1.1. AMIMON
5.1.2. Dell USA
5.1.3. Energizer USA
5.1.4. Fulton Innovation USA
5.1.5. Haier Group USA
5.1.6. Hewlett Packard
5.1.7. Intel USA
5.1.8. Isis Innovation Ltd
5.1.9. KI USA
5.1.10. Leggett & Pratt USA
5.1.11. Marconi Circuit Technology Corporation USA
5.1.12. Mojo Mobility USA
5.1.13. Nokia Finland
5.1.14. Philips Netherlands
5.1.15. Powermat USA
5.1.16. PureEnergy Solutions USA
5.1.17. Qualcomm USA
5.1.18. Research in Motion USA
5.1.19. Rohm USA
5.1.20. RTX Consumer Products Hong Kong
5.1.21. Sanyo Japan
5.1.22. Seiko Epson Corporation Japan
5.1.23. Texas Instruments USA
5.1.24. Wipower USA

6.1. The need for WPT with CPG
6.1.1. Bundesdruckerei Germany
6.1.2. Fulton Innovation USA
6.1.3. Poly IC Germany
6.1.4. Schreiner PrinTronics Germany
6.1.5. Toppan Forms Japan

7.1. History of vehicle charging
7.2. Company profiles
7.2.1. Car Charging Group: parking bumper charging
7.2.2. Conductix-Wampfler Italy
7.2.3. Energy Dynamics Laboratory USA
7.2.4. Evatran USA
7.2.5. HaloIPT New Zealand
7.2.6. Korea Advanced Institute of Technology
7.2.7. Magna-Charge USA
7.2.8. Nissan Japan
7.2.9. Presidio Graduate School USA
7.2.10. RRC Germany
7.2.11. Siemens-BMW
7.2.12. Singapore A*STAR
7.2.13. Utah State University USA
7.2.14. Volvo and Flanders Drive Sweden, Belgium
7.2.15. WiTricity and Partners USA

8.1. Ten year forecasts
8.2. Pricing information
8.3. Forecasts of Level 1, 2 & 3
8.4. Examples of expenditure in China
8.5. Market beyond cars
8.6. Vehicle projections by type
8.7. Market drivers for charging stations

9.1. WPT Forecasts 2012-2022
9.2. Market by region
9.2.1. Technology road map





List of Tables


List of Figures


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