Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2012 to 2018

Winter Green Research
Published Date » 2012-04-10
No. Of Pages » 414
 The 2012 study has 414 pages, 119 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve outstanding growth as people look for video content online and enterprises go outside the firewall to get content for employees.  
 Video content delivery on the internet is all about content and infrastructure. Infrastructure is needed to manage end point devices. Content is almost an afterthought once the infrastructure is in place. The vision of video content delivery is to change fundamentally the way media is accessed and consumed. User generated content represents a move away from entirely professional content to some content captured on the fly.  
 As better video tools become more widely available, the quality of the user generated content and the...
Table of Contents

Video Content Delivery Market Driving Forces 
Video Content Delivery Market Shares 
Ustream Events Format 
Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside the Firewall Market Forecasts 

1.1. User Generated Content Can Constitute Only A Portion Of A Website 
1.1.1. Network Performance Plays A Critical Role 
1.2. Video Advertising Depends On Relevance, Objectivity, And Quality 
1.3. Trends in the Online Advertising Business 
1.3.1. Google Advertising Strategy 
1.4. Globalization Of The Enterprise 
1.4.1. Globalization Supported By Ubiquitous Communications Networks 
1.4.2. Growing Need For Collaboration Across Distance And Time 
1.4.3. Elements of a Complete Communications and Collaboration Solution 

2.1. Video Content Delivery Market Driving Forces 
2.2. Video Content Delivery Market Shares 
2.2.1. Google YouTube 
2.2.2. Statistics 
2.2.3. YouTube Partner Program 
2.2.4. Monetization 
2.2.5. Product Metrics 
2.2.6. Google Brand Risk 
2.2.7. Google DoubleClick Advertising Technology 
2.2.8. Mediafly 
2.2.9. Akamai 
2.2.10. Ustream Events Format 
2.2.11. Ustream Events Sample 
2.2.12. Kaltura API Tools and Resources 
2.2.13. Kaltura API Client Libraries - Software Development Kit 
2.2.14. Apple Facetime 
2.3. Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Streams Infrastructure, Market Shares 
2.4. Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Content Streams, Market Shares 
2.5. Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside the Firewall Market Forecasts 
2.5.1. Video Content Delivery Applications 
2.5.2. Mobile Data Traffic Milestones 
2.5.3. Mobile Cloud Adoption 
2.5.4. Trend: Traffic Offload from Mobile Networks to Fixed Networks 
2.6. Video Content Delivery Regional Analysis 
2.6.1. Google International Revenues - 
2.6.2. Akamai Regional Presence 

3.1. Google / You Tube 
3.1.1. YouTube 
3.1.2. You Tube Merchandise 
3.1.3. YouTube home 
3.1.4. Google Video Media for Education 
3.1.5. YouTube Compelling Media Management Solution 
3.1.6. Google Collaboration Tools 
3.2. Mediafly 
3.2.1. Mediafly and iOS 
3.2.2. Mediafly Apps on Amazon Appstore 
3.2.3. Mediafly Windows + Mac + Linux 
3.2.4. Mediafly's "Apps 
3.3. Akamai 
3.3.1. Akamai Intelligent Platform 
3.3.2. Akamai Analytics 
3.3.3. Akami Media Distribution 
3.3.4. Akamai Business Solutions 
3.3.5. Akamai TV Everywhere 
3.3.6. Akamai Aqua Mobile Accelerator 
3.3.7. Akamai Terra Alta Cloud Accelerator 
3.3.8. Akamai Electronic Software Delivery 
3.4. Upstream 
3.4.1. Ustream Arena Football League (AFL) 
3.4.2. Ustream Hill's Science Diet Chat with Allison Sweeney 
3.4.3. Ustream Eve 6 Chat 
3.4.4. Ustream Events Sample 
3.5. Kaltura 
3.5.1. Kaltura API 
3.5.2. Kaltura API Tools and Resources 
3.5.3. Kaltura API Client Libraries - Software Development Kit 
3.5.4. Kaltura Video Player API 
3.5.5. Kaltura API Security 
3.5.6. Kaltura Video Upload and Ingestion 
3.5.7. Kaltura Video Transcoding and Processing 
3.5.8. Kaltura Video Publishing 
3.5.9. Kaltura Video Monetization 
3.5.10. Kaltura Video Hosting Platform 
3.5.11. Kaltura Content Trimming and Clipping 
3.5.12. Kaltura Subtitles 
3.5.13. Kaltura Video Solutions for Media and Entertainment 
3.5.14. Kaltura Reaches Audiences on Any Device 
3.5.15. Kaltura Video Solutions for Enterprises and Businesses 
3.5.16. Kaltura Video for the Social Enterprise: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing 
3.5.17. Kaltura Video & Rich Media Extension 
3.5.18. Kaltura Content Authoring Toolkit 
3.5.19. Kaltura Video Solutions for Teaching and Learning 
3.5.20. Kaltura MediaSpace - a YouTube™ for Campus 
3.5.21. Kaltura Video Solutions for Service Providers 
3.5.22. Kaltura Video Solutions for ISVs and Software Providers 
3.5.23. Kaltura Platform and APIs 
3.5.24. Kaltura Application Exchange 
3.5.25. Kaltura On-Prem™ 
3.5.26. Kaltura Administration Console 
3.6. Apple Facetime 
3.7. My Space 
3.7.1. Myspace has 1 Million New Users In A Month 
3.7.2. Team Of Investors Including Justin Timberlake Bought Myspace 
3.8. Spotify 
3.8.1. Spotify Has A New Way To Listen To Music 
3.8.2. Spotify Music 
3.8.3. Spotify Music is Social 
3.8.4. Spotify Getting Started 
3.9. Yahoo 
3.9.1. Yahoo Media 
3.9.2. Yahoo User Offerings 
3.9.3. Yahoo! News 
3.9.4. Yahoo! Sports 
3.9.5. Yahoo! Finance 
3.9.6. My Yahoo! 
3.9.7. Yahoo! Entertainment & Lifestyles 
3.9.8. Yahoo Livestand 
3.9.9. Yahoo IntoNow 
3.9.10. Yahoo! Contributor Network 
3.10. Microsoft Media Network 
3.11. Haivision Network Video 

4.1. Web Browsers As A Platform 
4.1.1. Apple iOS 
4.1.2. Adobe Flash 
4.1.3. HTML5 
4.1.4. Mediafly Apps as a Managed Service 
4.1.5. Android 
4.2. 4G 
4.2.1. Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 
4.2.2. Mobile Data Traffic Will Double Again in 2012 
4.2.3. Video Streaming Device-Centric Approach 
4.2.4. Estimation Of The Impact Of Traffic 
4.2.5. Mobile Data Traffic Volume by Operating System 
4.3. Podcatchers 
4.4. Streaming Media Market Technology Trends 
4.5. Rapid Adoption Of Internet Interactive Rich Media Streaming Media 
4.5.1. Broadband Penetration Enables Widespread Rich Media Content Distribution 
4.5.2. Declining Costs Create New Opportunities 
4.5.3. Streaming Media Opportunities for Business 
4.5.4. Advertising Campaigns/Marketing and Branding Effectiveness 
4.5.5. Product Demos and Training Effectiveness 
4.5.6. Streaming Media Customer Service and Support 
4.6. Multiple Internet Networks 
4.6.1. Problem Of Inefficient Routing Of Data Traffic On The Internet 
4.6.2. Effective Throughput 
4.6.3. Growing Importance Of The Internet For Business-Critical Internet-Based Applications 
4.6.4. Technology Impact 
4.6.5. Services and Technology 
4.7. Data Center Services 
4.8. Flow Control Platform, or FCP 
4.8.1. Network Access Points and Data Centers 
4.9. Streaming Media Overcomes Limitations of Internet Stateless Approach 
4.9.1. Types of Streaming Media 
4.9.2. Broadband 
4.9.3. Server-based Streaming 
4.9.4. Streaming Media Tool For Business To Communicate 
4.10. Open Systems 
4.10.1. Open Web Services Technology 
4.10.2. Open Standards To Define A Common Event 
4.10.3. Open Systems 
4.11. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 
4.11.1. IBM Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 
4.11.2. SOA Business Challenge IT Imperative 
4.11.3. Service-Oriented Architecture And Relevant Standards 
4.12. Java 
4.12.1. Vendor Commitment To Java 
4.12.2. Advantages Of Java In Context Of Application Integration 
4.13. J2EE (Java™ Platform) 
4.13.1. Java Single Application Development 
4.13.2. Vendor Commitment To Java 
4.13.3. Advantages Of Java In Context Of Application Integration 
4.13.4. J2EE Standardization 
4.14. Web Services Protocols 
4.14.1. Web Services 
4.14.2. Soap 
4.14.3. Apache Soap 
4.14.4. Load Balancer With SSL Support 
4.14.5. Points Of Failure 
4.14.6. Soap Limitations 
4.14.7. WSDL 
4.14.8. WSDL Service Descriptions 
4.14.9. UDDI Registry 
4.14.10. UDDI Test Registries 
4.14.11. UDDI Distributed Web Service Discovery 
4.14.12. UDDI Consortium 
4.14.13. WS-Inspection Document Extensibility 
4.14.14. XSLT 
4.14.15. OASIS 
4.14.16. ebXML 
4.16. Akamai Intelligent Platform 

5.1. Video Internet Destinations 
5.2. Adobe 
5.2.1. Adobe Business Overview 
5.2.2. Adobe Systems Digital Media 
5.2.3. Adobe Systems Supports Handling The Plethora Of New Devices, Formats And Business Models 
5.2.4. Adobe Systems Digital Marketing 
5.2.5. Adobe Completed An Acquisition Of Privately Held Efficient Frontier 
5.2.6. Adobe Systems Net Sales by Segment 
5.2.7. Adobe Print and Publishing 
5.2.8. Adobe Systems Positioning 
5.3. Akamai 
5.3.1. Akamai Customers 
5.3.2. Akamai Segment Analysis 
5.3.3. Akamai Video 
5.3.4. Akamai Security 
5.3.5. Akamai Platform Adoption 
5.4.1. Consumers 
5.4.2. Sellers 
5.4.3. Amazon Enterprise Cloud Services Positioning 
5.4.4. Amazon Content Creators 
5.4.5. Amazon Appstore 
5.4.6. Amazon Web Services Amazon DynamoDB Now Available in Europe 
5.4.7. Amazon Net Sales 
5.5. Apple 
5.5.1. Apple Business Strategy 
5.5.2. Apple Products 
5.5.3. Apple iPhone 
5.5.4. Apple iPad 
5.5.5. Apple Mac Hardware Products 
5.5.6. Apple iPod 
5.5.7. Apple iTunes® 
5.5.8. Apple Mac App Store 
5.5.9. Apple iCloud 
5.5.10. Apple Software Products and Computer Technologies 
5.5.11. Apple Operating System Software iOS 
5.5.12. Apple Mac OS X 
5.5.13. Apple TV 
5.5.14. Apple Net Sales 
5.6. Cisco 
5.6.1. Cisco Forecasts Mobile Data Traffic 
5.6.2. Cisco Creating Long-Lasting Customer Partnerships 
5.6.3. Cisco Information Technology 
5.6.4. Cisco Virtualization 
5.6.5. Competitive Landscape In The Enterprise Data Center 
5.6.6. Cisco Architectural Approach 
5.6.7. Cisco Switching 
5.6.8. Cisco NGN Routing 
5.6.9. Cisco Collaboration 
5.6.10. Cisco Service Provider Video 
5.6.11. Cisco Wireless 
5.6.12. Cisco Security 
5.6.13. Cisco Data Center Products 
5.6.14. Cisco Other Products 
5.6.15. Cisco Systems Net Sales 
5.6.16. Cisco Systems Revenue by Segment 
5.6.17. Cisco Telepresence Systems Segment Net Sales 
5.6.18. Cisco Tops 10,000 Unified Computing System Customers 
5.7. Digital Video Enterprises 
5.7.1. DVE Product Areas of Usage 
5.7.2. DVE 3D Holographic Collaboration CreateSpace 
5.7.3. DVE Officially Launches Holographic Immersive Podium 
5.8. Disney 
5.8.1. The Walt Disney Studios 
5.8.2. Disney Parks and Resorts 
5.8.3. Disney Consumer Products 
5.8.4. Disney Media Networks 
5.8.5. Disney ESPN, Inc., 
5.8.6. Disney Interactive Media Group 
5.9. Ensemble 
5.10. Glowpoint 
5.10.1. Glowpoint Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Revenue 
5.10.2. Glowpoint Key Business Metrics 
5.10.3. Glowpoint Highlights 
5.11. Google 
5.11.1. Google / Motorola 
5.11.2. Google Search 
5.11.3. Google Advertising 
5.11.4. Google YouTube 
5.11.5. You Tube 
5.11.6. Statistics 
5.11.7. YouTube Partner Program 
5.11.8. Monetization 
5.11.9. Product Metrics 
5.11.10. Content ID 
5.11.11. Social 
5.11.12. YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 
5.11.13. YouTube Play 
5.11.14. Google Mobile 
5.11.15. Google Local 
5.11.16. Google Operating Systems and Platforms 
5.11.17. Google Apps Enterprise 
5.11.18. Google Q4 Revenue 
5.12. Haivision 
5.12.1. Haivision Record Growth in 2011; Leads IP Media 
5.12.2. Haivision Video Streaming Market Segments 
5.12.3. Haivision Network Video 
5.13. Hewlett Packard 
5.13.1. Polycom Buys Hewlett Packard Halo/HVEN Network 
5.13.2. Hewlett Packard Positioning 
5.13.3. HP Products and Services; Segment Information 
5.13.4. Hewlett Packard Segment Revenue 
5.13.5. Hewlett Packard Personal Systems and Solutions Groups 
5.13.6. Hewlett-Packard Revenue 
5.14. Huawei 
5.14.1. Huawei Videoconferencing System for Shenshuo Railway Co. Ltd. 
5.14.2. Huawei Telepresence Benefits 
5.14.3. Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing System for Shandong Electric Power Corporation 
5.14.4. Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing System Requirement Analysis 
5.15. Kaltura 
5.15.1. Kaltura - Creating Value with Video 
5.15.2. Kaltura Team 
5.15.3. Kaltura Open Video 
5.15.4. Kaltura Customers 
5.15.5. Kaltura Open Source Online Video Platform 
5.16. Mediafly 
5.16.1. Mediafly OnAir 
5.17. Microsoft 
5.17.1. Microsoft Key Opportunities and Investments 
5.17.2. Microsoft Smart Connected Devices 
5.17.3. Microsoft: Cloud Computing Transforming The Data Center And Information Technology 
5.17.4. Microsoft Entertainment 
5.17.5. Microsoft Search 
5.17.6. Microsoft Communications And Productivity 
5.17.7. Microsoft Sales 
5.17.8. Microsoft / Skype 
5.17.9. Skype Viral Marketing 
5.17.10. Skype Strategic Relationships and Partners 
5.17.11. Skype Peer-To-Peer Software Architecture 
5.17.12. Skype Revenue 
5.17.13. Skype Users And Financial Performance 
5.18. Samsung 
5.18.1. Samsung 3Q FY2011 
5.19. Specific Media 
5.19.1. Specific Media / Myspace LLC 
5.19.2. Fox Digital Entertainment Premiere Myspace 
5.20. Spotify 
5.20.1. Spotify Positioning 
5.20.2. Spotify Music Service 
5.21. Ustream 
5.22. Yahoo! 
5.22.1. Yahoo! Acquires Interclick and Agreements 
5.22.2. Yahoo! Communications and Communities 
5.22.3. Yahoo! Search and Marketplaces 
5.22.4. Yahoo! BOSS 
5.22.5. Yahoo! Media 
5.22.6. Yahoo! Debuted 
5.22.7. Yahoo! Screen 
5.22.8. Yahoo! User Offerings 
5.22.9. Yahoo! Communications and Communities 
5.22.10. Yahoo! Display Revenue 
5.22.11. Yahoo Net Sales by Regional Segment 
5.22.12. Yahoo! Business Highlights 
5.22.13. Yahoo Net Sales by Segment 

List of Tables

Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Executive Summary
Table ES-1: Video Content Delivery Market Driving Forces 
Table ES-2: Video Content Delivery Market Driving Technologies 
Table ES-3: Video Content Delivery Selected Sites 
Figure ES-4: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011 
Figure ES-5: UStream Decorah Eagles 
Figure ES-6: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Market Forecasts Worldwide, Dollars, 2012 to 2018 

Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Market Description and Market Dynamics
Figure 1-1: Performance Expectations Of Users 
Table 1-2: Video Advertising Depends On Relevance, Objectivity, And Quality 
Table 1-3: Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Vendor Positioning 
Table 1-4: Communications and Collaboration Solution Applications and Functionality 

Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Market Shares and Market Forecasts
Table 2-1: Video Content Delivery Market Driving Forces 
Table 2-2: Video Content Delivery Market Driving Technologies 
Table 2-3: Video Content Delivery Selected Sites 
Figure 2-4: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011 
Table 2-5: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011 
Figure 2-6: Akamai Cloud 12 
Figure 2-7: Akamai Segment Revenue Analysis 
Figure 2-8: UStream Decorah Eagles 
Figure 2-9: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Streams Infrastructure, Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011 
Table 2-10: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Streams Infrastructure, Worldwide, 2011 
Figure 2-11: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Content Streams, Market Shares, Dollars, Worldwide, 2011 
Table 2-12: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Content Streams, Market Shares Worldwide, 2011 
Figure 2-13: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Market Forecasts Worldwide, Dollars, 2012 to 2018 
Figure 2-14: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Infrastructure and Content Streams, Market Forecasts Worldwide, Units and Dollars, 2012 to 2018 
Table 2-15: Internet Traffic by User Tier 
Figure 2-17: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Infrastructure Market Forecasts Worldwide, Dollars, 2012 to 2018 
Figure 2-18: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Content Streams, Market Forecasts Worldwide, Dollars, 2012 to 2018 
Table 2-19: Video content delivery Platform Capabilities 
Figure 2-20: Global Mobile Data Compared to Global Internet Growth 
Figure 2-21: Cloud Media Applications Multiply Smartphone Traffic 
Figure 2-22: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall, Regional Market Segments, Dollars, 2011 
Table 2-23: Video Streaming Content Delivery Outside Firewall Regional Market Segments, 2011 
Figure 2-24: Akamai Regional Presence 

Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Product Description
Figure 3-1: Google UTube User Generated Content 
Figure 3-2: YouTube User Guidelines 
Figure 3-3: You Tube Content 
Figure 3-4: You Tube Music Video Delivery 
Figure 3-5: Mediafly Platforms 
Table 3-6: Mediafly Standard Apps Features 
Table 3-7: Mediafly's Amazon "Apps as a Managed Service" Product Features 
Figure 3-8: Mediafly Platform Capabilities 
Table 3-9: Mediafly's Apps Functions 
Figure 3-10: Akamai TV Everywhere 
Figure 3-11: Akamai TV Everywhere Flow Diagram 
Table 3-12: Upstream Products and Services for Broadcasters and Viewers 
Table 3-13: Ustream Targets Support for Company Advertising Or Digital Campaigns 
Table 3-14: Ustream Functions Offered 
Table 3-15: Ustream Events Format 
Table 3-16: Ustream Popular Event Rankings 
Table 3-17: Ustream Functions This Week in Highlights 
Tsble 3-18: Ustream Events Sample 
Table 3-19: Ustream Events Format 
Table 3-20: Kaltura Social Enterprise Video Solution Suite Features 
Table 3-21: Kaltura Video Player APIs 
Table 3-22: Kaltura Video Player Plugins 
Figure 3-23: Kaltura Subtitles 
Figure 3-24: Kaltura Video Search Functions 
Table 3-25: Kaltura Media Value 
Table 3-26: Kaltura Video for the Social Enterprise: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Functions 
Figure 3-27: Kaltura Solutions For Universities And Colleges: 
Table 3-28: Kaltura Target Markets 
Table 3-29: Kaltura Platform Video Resources 
Table 3-30: Kaltura Video Platform Suite Functions 
Figure 3-31: Apple Facetime 
Table 3-32: Myspace Functions 
Table 3-33: Myspace What's Trending 
Figure 3-34: Myspace Player Variety 
Figure 3-35: Spotify Music Video Presentation 
Figure 3-36: Spotify Access to Music 
Figure 3-37: Yahoo Video Positioning 
Figure 3-38: Yahoo Video Categories 
Figure 3-39: Yahoo Video Example 
Table 3-40: Yahoo Media Positioning 
Table 3-41: Yahoo Media User Offerings 
Table 3-42: Yahoo! Advertiser And Publisher Offerings And Services 
Table 3-43: Microsoft Positioned To Help Users Build Innovative, Cutting-Edge Online Programs 
Figure 3-44: Microsoft Media Network 

Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Technology
Figure 4-1: Mediafly Apps as a Managed Service 
Table 4-2: Video Streaming Devices Supported 
Figure 4-3: Percentage of Internet Traffic by User Tier, Months 12-21 
Table 4-4: Streaming Media Benefits 
Table 4-6: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions 
Table 4-6 (Continued): Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Functions 
Table 4-7: Web Services Protocols 
Table 4-8: Soap-Based Web Service Production Environment Testing 
Table 4-9: XSLT Transformation Of XML 
Video Streaming Outside The Firewall Company Profiles
Table 5-1: Selected Video Internet Destinations 
Table 5-2: Adobe Systems Software Target Audience 
Table 5-3: Adobe Systems Software Target Compelling Content Uses 
Figure 5-4: Akamai Intelligent Platform, Cloud, and Content Delivery Solutions 
Table 5-5: Akamai Customers 
Figure 5-6: Akamai Global 500 Customer Analysis 
Figure 5-7: Akamai Go To Market Channel Partners 
Figure 5-8: Akamai Customers 
Figure 5-9: Akamai Segment Revenue Analysis 
Figure 5-10: Akamai Segment Growth Analysis 
Figure 5-11: Akamai Cloud vs. Content Delivery Analysis 
Figure 5-12: Akamai Video Mobile Device Content Delivery 
Figure 5-13: Akamai Video Traffic Delivery Challenges 
Figure 5-14: Akamai Media Growth Analysis 
Figure 5-15: Akamai Content Delivery vs. Cloud Services Revenue 
Figure 5-16: Akamai Content Server per Day Analysis 
Figure 5-17: Akamai Mobile Traffic Delivered per Day 
Figure 5-18: Akamai Commerce Transacted per Day 
Figure 5-19: Akamai Traffic Growth Analysis 
Figure 5-20: Akamai Security 
Figure 5-21: Akamai Peak Attack Traffic 
Figure 5-22: Akamai Platform Adoption 
Table 5-23: Amazon Web Service Benefits 
Table 5-24: Amazon DynamoDB Benefits 
Table 5-25: Amazon Business focus 
Table 5-26: Cisco Target Markets 
Table 5-27: Cisco Business Model And Foundational Priorities 
Figure 5- 28: Cisco Forecasts 10.8 Exabytes per Month of Mobile Data Traffic by 2016 
Figure 5-29: Cisco Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast by Region 
Table 5-30: DVE Product Areas of Usage 
Figure 5-31: DVE 3D CreateSpace Functions 
Figure 5-32: DVE Holographic Immersive Podium 
Table 5-33: Google Strategic Business Initiatives 2011 
Table 5-34: Hewlett Packard HP Product Set 
Figure 5-35: Huawei Telepresence Solution 
Figure 5-36: Huawei Hardware And Software Videoconferencing System For Shenshuo Railway Co., Ltd.: 
Figure 5-37: Huawei Emergency Management Videoconferencing System Solution 
Figure 5-38: Kaltura Customers 
Figure 5-39: Specific Media / Myspace LLC Video 
Figure 5-40: Ustream Eagles Hatching 
Figure 5-41: Ustream Video Content

List of Figures

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