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Top Five Trends in Flavored Alcoholic Beverages; Key insights driving innovation opportunities

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Published Date : Dec 2015

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Flavored alcoholic beverages have traditionally been saddled with perceptions of being frivolous, youth-oriented, and artificial. The category is, however, highly adaptable, and brands have seized opportunities to reposition and reformulate products to shake off category stereotypes. This report identifies the five trends that have the potential to galvanize flavored alcoholic beverages and allow them to compete with a range of categories and across more occasions.

Key Findings

  • Given consumers' health-driven efforts to avoid or cut back on sugar consumption, it is significant that over one third (37%) of global drinkers consider alcohol to be high in sugar. As the health industry and media put alcohol brands under more scrutiny with regards to sugar content, producers will have to undertake more concerted efforts to address concerns and reformulate products accordingly.
  • The inclination to drink at home rises steadily with age, making it all the more important for FAB producers to formulate and position authentically-made offerings in a way that is accessible to age groups outside of the traditionally favored legal drinking age (LDA)

Table of Contents


2.Top Five Trends in Flavored Alcoholic Beverages

  • Pure refreshment
  • Authentically crafted
  • Sweet limits
  • Sensory (con)fusion
  • Packaging power

3. Conclusion

4. Appendix


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